A house can catch someone's eye, but the furniture can make that house a home. Any space can be transformed with great imagination. When listing a home, you have to be sure that the first impression creates excitement to the viewers. Online photos are a property first showing. They can bring in potential buyers that are in search of their perfect home. So make sure your property is looking great! 

It is hard to envision yourself in an empty property. Virtual staging shows potential buyers what their dream home can look like with no work on your end! You don't have to pay for stagers, movers, or put forth any of your time. Virtual staging is more efficient and a fraction of the cost to hire designers/ stagers. It's a win win, and you can put any style of furniture in the home you'd like! We were selected by Redfin as an expert in virtual staging. See the Redfin article we were

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Here are 3 benefits of virtual staging:

Cost effective:

Before Virtual Staging
After Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is drastically more cost effective than physically staging home. According to HomeAdvisor, home staging costs between $657 - $2,542. This is just a starting quote, per month is can be very costly to rent the staging furniture. This is exponentially higher than most virtual staging prices. B3 only charges about $50 per photo depending on the requests. RealtyTimes states “Virtual staging costs less than 1% of the sale price and comes with a host of added features including the ability to shop the furnishings in the model, along with increased versatility that you don’t have with physical staging.” It can definitely be costly on both sides, however you won't have to think about movers, time, and the cost of every single piece of furniture.


Basement Virtual Staging

When it comes to virtual staging, you have the option to put whatever type of furniture within the space. The cost is not a factor of what pieces you want. Physically that piece can cost about $4000 but in the virtual world you get it for $50. You can also get different renditions of the same space to appeal to all people. The creation of any aesthetic is limitless! You want to make a certain space look like a theater? We got you! We can virtually put theater seats, screens, a popcorn machine or whatever you want to envision!

Time efficient :

We understand that getting your listing on the market as soon as possible is essential. Usually virtual staging takes about 1-2 day turn around. Physical staging may take longer because not all furniture matches each home you may list. So you will need to search for the right pieces, match them with the others, and transfer everything to the property. Then you will have to stage everything to be aesthetically pleasing. With virtual staging, you just pick the photo and give an idea of the vibes you want to give. Then in 1-2 days you have a staged home and you didn't have to lift a finger. 

It is so cool how you can transform a space virtually with furniture! For more information check out our virtual staging page or contact us!

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