What is 3D Rendering? 

So, what exactly is a rendering? It is a computer graphics process that uses three-dimensional data and models. The goal is to create a lifelike or non-photorealistic image. Think of it as a form of virtual photography. 

Example of a Rendering for a Prototype for Wilson Created by Johanna Cord-Cruz & Sky Feng  

3D Renderings are utilized in a multitude of industries, from gaming to online shopping, 3D renderings can be found everywhere. This blog will focus on how the Real Estate, Interior Design, and Architectural world can utilize and greatly benefit from 3D Renderings.

Renderings in the Real Estate Industry

For those in the real estate world, you may already be familiar with Renderings! Realtors will often use the following to promote their listings. 

Virtual Staging and Update
Virtual Staging
3D Virtual Update

Selling a home is already a difficult task, when a home isn’t properly staged, it could deter potential clients from viewing the listing. Some clients either move everything out, or have a hard time moving out. It could cost you thousands to hire an interior designer or a stager to make the home presentable for the market. Whatever the situation may be, you can count on 3D renderings to provide a perfectly staged home, at an affordable cost, every single time. 

Renderings in the Interior Design Industry

Interior Rendering provided by WAPO

For those building their homes or planning on redecorating their home. It is always best to leave it to the professionals! Designing and decorating can be hard to visualize, some clients may need a visual aid to help them envision what their space will look like. Back in the day, designers would utilize their own sketches/drawings, mood boards, etc, to bring their clients' vision to life. Even with all these references, designers were not able to truly capture the essence of their vision. During this time, they really couldn’t provide their clients with a realistic rendering of what a space’s colors, lighting, textures, and more could affect the room’s atmosphere. With interior renderings, designers are able to show clients these features and more. They can find flaws that would have gone unnoticed through traditional media. 

Renderings in the Architectural Industry

Just like Interior Designers advancements in technology, have changed the way architects present their projects. Most people who work with an architect will have no prior knowledge of the field or how to envision the process, this in turn, could lead to some unsatisfied clients. 

Orthographic of a Home Design 

 When it comes time to help clients visualize their home most Architects would stop here, with an orthographic of the design. This is a great way for clients to view the expected work on their project. Stopping here still leaves room for misunderstandings, these orthographics do not provide depth, color, shading, landscaping, etc. This is all still left for interpretation, but with an exterior rendering, architects can bring all these missing pieces together to form a photo-realistic image of the project that can be viewed from all angles! Giving clients a better perspective on what they should be expecting when the construction process does begin, leading to happier clients! 

See for yourself how wonderful the rendering of the orthographic above turned out! Looks move-in ready to me!

3D Rendering provided by B3 Productions

It truly is amazing what can be accomplished with 3D renderings. For those interested in learning more about renderings, feel free to reach out to us at https://www.b3-productions.com/contact-us ! We would love to chat with you, and get your rendering journey started!