1. Improved SEO & Online Presence

Property websites promote better exposure and ranking on major search engines. When someone is searching online for homes they use certain keywords that can be put onto your site. This will increase the chances of someone finding your listing than only being on the mls platform. All of your contact information will also be linked to your website, so if anyone searches up your name, your property websites will pop up!

2. Generation of more leads

This will essentially be the first place a potential client will find you. As we know, most buyers' first stop is online. No one is going through books, reading through newspapers, or driving around every neighborhood to find their dream home. “In today’s real estate market, some 90% of home buyers use the internet to search for a new home or property. While 27% check the newspaper, as well, only 1% actually find their home there.” (SOURCE: NAR).  On the bottom of every website, there should be an information form where clients can input their information. From there, you will be able to contact them and see what their needs and wants are. Alongside information forms, your social media platforms can be linked onto your site. This will provide viewers an insight on you and your personality and will give them that push to see that you are the best fit for them. 

3. More exposure on your properties

This is the time where all of the special perks and in & outs of the home should be divulged.   Showcase  full descriptions, beautiful photos, video walkthroughs, and or 3d matterport scans to reel them in. Make your website interactive, inviting, and very informative.  This website will be sharable to all social media platforms, real estate websites, and any other website you would want someone to find your listing on.  

4. Builds your brand

Having a consistent and trustworthy brand is everything! Not only are references/referrals great, but having an online brand that strangers will see and say I want to work with you just based on that is even better. Being the first thing that people think of when they think real estate is something that many people desire. It is all about the way you brand yourself. When you bring in potential clients and show them that you offer them their own personal property website this will show them that you are qualified to sell their home. You are separating yourself from your competitors by putting forth the effort and added value to promote their listing. 

5. Higher selling price

Rather than just having your property on MLS, your listing will be hitting many online platforms and search engines. More eyes can mean more potential buyers, especially if your property website looks professional. The more buyers, the higher the price may go. Many will see your property website and know that you mean business and understand what type of property you have on your hands. 

6. Easier exchange of information

Once the website is finalized, anyone in your database looking for a home like yours can easily be sent your link within an instant. No need to have long in-depth conversations about a property when all the details are on the property website. This saves you and the buyers time. Especially concerning the information form, potential clients will be able to input all of their contact info for your future contact. This is also a great way to provide a clearer channel of communication. All contact will be recorded through the online platform, so clients can always go back to the website and be able to see the facts about you and your listing. 

Try it out for your next listing and see how things go. You will be able to track how well things are going through analytics. Clients will be happy for the extra efforts and your brand will benefit from it as well!