Photography is a multitude of things:  Lighting, composition, angles, focus, and depths of field. When it comes to real estate, the industry is completely changing. Before, an agent would take a photo of the front of the home and call it a day. Now, you have to tell a story on how the home will be a perfect fit for a potential buyer.

Detail shots show the special finishings, amenities, and custom attributes of a home or property. In most detail shots there is depth of field. 

Depth of field is the distance between the closest and farthest object that are in focus in an image. 

For example:

[DETAIL SHOT] Kitchen Backsplash

Notice how the backsplash is in focus versus the plant and countertop . The focal point in this image shows the design and texture of the tile. This creates a dramatic effect and trains the eye to just look at the desired subject. 

What feelings do you get when you see a detail shot? 

Some want to create an emphasis on a color, which provides a feeling of brightness or darkness.

[DETAIL SHOT] Living space

Some want to showcase the intense detail of a large entity


[DETAIL SHOT] Lighting Fixtures

There are shots that just want to create an aesthetic


Most close up shots come from an artistic point of view. They have to have a purpose, because just taking a shot of a random object will not make sense. 

Here is an example of how close up shots bring more depth to a video. If it was just a pan from side to side, the viewer would be interested but not as entertained because the movements are all the same.

Close up shots in video create a more intricate feel of a space or project. It is more intimate and lets the viewer know more other than the overall view. Depth of field definitely provides a more cinematic feel. If you want your videos to have an extra bang to them, add in a few detailed shots of your subject or space. It will definitely keep the viewer entertained.