There is no rule book as to how to become a successful photographer. It is all about your drive to step outside the box and showcase your skills. You are considered an artist/creative, so everything you do will be your own interpretation. Here are some things I learned on my journey of becoming a professional photographer/videographer:

Being an creative is extremely subjective

Art is not like words that openly express a message. There are hidden meanings behind figures. Everything is interpreted differently by each person. Things that someone has been through may trigger different scenarios in their mind. 

For example this photo:

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What do you see? Some may say that they see a silhouette of an animal or dragon. Others may say that it's fire and water colliding. We will never know the meaning just by looking at it and that's why it is subjective. Just because it is subjective, does not mean that it is not correct or not a beautiful work of art. 

This is why there are so many different forms, styles, and techniques when it comes to the creative field. There is not one that is better than the other, art is art. Yes there are people who can develop things easier or faster, but it does not make your piece any less than. Keep trying!

Check out this article that explains in detail why photography is subjective: “Why Photography is Subjective”

Not everyone will like your work

Like above “JUST BECAUSE ART IS SUBJECTIVE, DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS NOT CORRECT OR A BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART.” There will be certain people who will love your work and they way you process your thoughts into a piece and there will be those who do not understand and do not agree with the flow or artistry. This is okay! You are not here on this earth to please everyone. You are here to live and put out your truth and what you believe is a reflection of you. Sometimes it will be a hit and other times it will be a miss, but keep going. This will be a huge pill to swallow because once you hear the negative responses you will feel as though you failed. There will be others out there that are better than you. They may have better equipment, better photography skills, produce better videos, but you have to understand that everyone has to start somewhere. Try not to take things personally and understand that you are learning everyday and that you will make mistakes. Listen to those negative responses only if they are constructive criticisms. Some will be spiteful, but the ones that really educate you on what could be improved are very special. They are on the outside and only want to help you grow. Do not be spiteful or too prideful. Life will go on!

Keep trying from the failure

Failure fuels the drive to improve your craft. Yes, be sad about a project failing but keep it pushing. There is nothing you can do to change that outcome, so analyze what went wrong and try again. You now know what not to do. Yes, you may lose a client or get a bad review, but the best thing to do is prove to yourself that you can do it. Others will see your efforts and respect your perseverance. No one is perfect and even those who are extremely successful have failed greatly. Take that loss and turn it into a win.

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You do not need to be formally educated in the field to start shooting

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A lot of people in different fields including photography have no formal knowledge or education. Most photographers taught themselves through trial and error, research, and honestly luck. There will be certain things that you will have to be educated in, like becoming a drone FAA certified pilot. If you want to add more options for your clients as a photographer and videographer, I highly recommend getting this. However like I said earlier, it's all about your drive to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks. There will be feelings that you are not as good as someone who studied this, but haven't you met people who may have an education in something but do not excel in it. It is about your passion and want. Yes, there will always be someone better qualified for a certain position or project than you. However, they are not you. They do not have your vision, finesse, and spirit. Show everyone including yourself that you are it! Fake it till you make it. As long as you are confident and do all you can to create the best possible outcome, you will be just fine. Take it from someone who has done just that! Breathe, stand up, and take on that challenge.