Cheers to a spectacular year!

B3’s first year in business has been a wonderful journey. We had a lot of firsts, learned a lot, made some many connections, and had so much fun doing it all. This year will be a lot of those same things but with the addition of better processes, more creatives on our team, and a LOT more networking. 

Our newest change will be what we offer to our clients. B3’s goal is to continue producing quality content that is always ahead of the trends. We want to connect and show actual people and what they are doing. Our goal this year is to be very personal. Without people and their stories, we would not be here. Everything that we do, say, and believe will show through our work. In our social media, websites, and any platforms, you will see how we will continue to highlight those who may not have their own platform or tools to tell their story. Whether it's in real estate, product photography/videography, or business advertisements, we want to show why and how each project came to be. 

Our new year's resolutions are:

- Hire more diverse creatives

- Collaborate with more amazing small businesses

- Teach others more about media production

- Gain more knowledge about our field and how we can help others

What are some of your resolutions?

Feel free to let us know! If you would like us to touch on more topics and give any advice, we would love to!