1. Professional Photos 

When we say professional photos, I mean photos that will entice a potential buyer to actually visit your store or navigate to your website to buy your products/services. Do not take Iphone pictures and call it a day. You don't understand how many times I have passed up a restaurant based on the photos they have on their website. First impressions matter! 

A Messy Plate

What does this picture say to you? For me it says messy, thrown on a plate, and blurry. It does not look as appetizing as it should. It doesn't look inedible, but I would be mad if I was served this in a restaurant rather than someone's home especially if I am paying a good amount of money.

Another thing is, do NOT make them look overly fake. If the plate does not come on a vintage board with rose petals, don't display the food in that way. Another rule is to not have incorrect portion sizes. If the plate is small, keep the size small. 

Picking the right photographer can be quite hard, so do your research and find someone who can capture the true essence of your business.

2. An 'About Us' video

Sure, everyone loves to look at pictures of food, nice clothes, and products but to have a video explaining how and why is super essential. Clients love to know the backstory of a business and what they have to offer. Showing your personality, the quality of the product/service, and who makes up the company is a huge factor in why someone will choose your business. So make it personal, make it fun, and inviting!

3. Engaging social media platforms

Social media is the start of how many people will find out about your business other than word of mouth. If a business does not have a presentable social media platform, I will think of one of 2 things: the owners are old/ not in touch with today’s society or they are brand new and dont have much experience. Even if you are a new business, post on every single platform you have access to! You never know what person will find your post and share it to someone who has been searching for what you do. Even if you don't have much content to post, share things that have relevance to your business or create a marketing plan on how to post on social media. You should brainstorm on content at least once a week to keep your potential followers entertained. Do your research on your targeted audience and find out what they like to see. Do not just randomly post about topics you think are interesting, read the room and make it count.

3. User Friendly Website

You will lose clients if your website is all over the place and is not easy to book, purchase, or navigate through your services/products. If you are not familiar with coding, design, or layouts, HIRE someone who is. Your website can either make you or break you. The more professional your site looks, the higher paying clientele you will get. Also, make sure older generations will be able to click and find buttons. Lastly, make your site mobile friendly! Everyone is on their phones and making sure the user experience is great on a mobile device is super important.

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