Twilight is the time between day and night when there is still light out ,but the Sun is just below the horizon. The sky has such beautiful warm colors in the sky, the lights of the town and homes are now on, and many are gathering by a fire in their outdoor patios. This time of day definitely has some beautiful moments, so why wouldn't you want to capture it? 

Traditional Twilight Photography

When it comes to real estate photography, Twilight shots are a great way to capture:

  • Perspective of the home at night. 
  • Where all the lights are located throughout the exterior of the home. 
  • Grand windows, and seeing the glow of the lights inside the home
  • Landscaping, and highlighting features of the home, such as pools and firepits. 

Before and After Twilight

Traditionally, real estate photographers will set an appointment during twilight hours to create a twilight photo. This can get expensive and time consuming for both parties, especially if most of the shooting has been completed throughout the day. It is recommended that a natural twilight shoot be done if the photographer is going to already be there capturing a twilight video, in this case the photos will compliment the video greatly. 

Virtual Dusk Photography

Technology has created so many shortcuts and opportunities in our daily lives. As mentioned before, twilight photography is accomplished by taking photos during twilight hours, but not everyone has the time nor would like to spend the extra cash to get this done. With the hard work of our editors, we are now able to create beautiful twilight shots without having to wait for the evening! Saving the photographer and realtor time, most importantly, saving the realtor money. 

Here is an example of a Virtual Dusk Twilight Photo:

Virtual Dusk Twilight

Virtual dusk photos are a great alternative to traditional twilight photography, producing very similar results at half the cost. Not only do these photographs look elegant, they will attract more buyers and increase your portfolio value as a real estate agent