Real estate is a very competitive industry, so standing out can be quite a difficult task. One of the easiest things you can do, of course, is to provide high quality real estate photography, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Video is the next best thing when it comes to marketing your listings. Those with video content receive 403% more inquiries than those without.(Biteable) Here are some methods of real estate video marketing that can boost your presence and get your listings sold faster! 

Video Walkthrough

You can’t go wrong with a classic video walkthrough. They consist of short detail and overall shots of the home that are edited and accompanied with music to showcase your listing in the best possible way. If you really want to wow your clients, ask your photographer to provide drone footage. Drones are a great addition to any video walkthrough, they showcase the home from a different perspective and give potential buyers a layout of the neighborhood and surrounding area. 

Check out this Video Walkthrough our photographer Manny (Instagram) shot in Chicago!

Amazing work as usual! If you are from the Chicagoland/NWI area and would like to book Manny, visit us at

Guided Video Walkthrough

Bring the open house online! If you are needing something a bit more personable, we suggest a guided video walkthrough. Give potential buyers a guided tour that they can view at their leisure. Home buyers want to work with someone who is relatable and reliable. Your efforts into creating a guided tour will certainly be appreciated

Here is a great example of a guided video walkthrough:

Hosted by : Paul Osipoff (Instagram

Filmed by: Manny (Instagram)

Social Media

Once you have your video walkthrough of course the next step would be to blast it throughout all your social media platforms. The reach you will have utilizing social media is infinite, if done correctly. You could just post the same video over and over again but that can get very repetitive. We suggest posting consistently and with purpose. That doesn't mean every post has to be planned out, just make sure your content is consistent with your brand and what you want to represent. 


Believe it or not tiktok is becoming one of the best social media channels to integrate into your real estate marketing strategy. ( It is no longer just for dancing teens! Many realtors that utilize TikTok will post previews of their listings, strategies, inspection pass/fails, and overall tips! 

Tim Thompson: RealEstateTim
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Similar to TikTok, Instagram allows you to create informative and fun videos that you can share with your targeted audience. The main difference is, you are able to create different posts, giving users the ability to share photos, short videos, stories, and even longer videos with their IGTV feature. Instagram is perfect for those who want to interact more with their audience. 

 Paul Osipoff: theosipoffgroup
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If the other platforms seem too young and hip for your taste, Facebook is for you! This platform has all the sharing capabilities as IG but to a much larger audience. Creating a Page for yourself is the best way to promote yourself and your video content, within your business page you are able to create and schedule posts, promotions, and even run ads. 

Lisa Gaff: LisaGaffTeam
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There are a multitude of ways to share your content, explore the different platforms and pick one that is best for you and your brand. Whatever you choose, remember to have fun and don’t forget your hashtags!