When it comes to home decor, we tend to gravitate to a color we already love. So when we shop to decorate our homes, we don’t put much thought other than, “Will this color look good in my house?” Instead of just asking if the color will look good, we should also ask ourselves “Does this color fit my vibe?” 🤔 For instance, the color ORANGE brings about feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. So if you are someone who has a very calm and relaxing space, this may be a color you may want to avoid!

Even if we are aware of it or not, color plays an important role in our feelings and moods! That being said, we should take into consideration what colors we choose for our homes. This doesn’t mean you need a degree in interior design or color theory to pick the right color, all you need is this blog! 🤩

So if you’re stumped on what color to choose for your decor let's start with this question, “What type of feeling/mood do you want for ____ room?” Once this question is answered the rest will be a piece of cake!  🍰


Red is a color that may bring about strong emotions such as love, anger, and courage. So be cautious when using Red throughout the home! A pop of Red goes a long way! 😎

all you need is a pop of red!


Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Great color for those who love to entertain and have fun! 🥳


Need more joy in your life? Yellow is a wonderful way to brighten up your home and life! 🤗


Green is associated with balance and harmony, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere when used in the home. ☮️


Blue is great for getting those creative juices flowing! Blue creates a calm relaxing environment and brings out your creative side. 📚


This color isn't just for the girls! Pink is a great color to create a fresh, comfortable, and soothing atmosphere! 😌


White can create a refreshing and clean look in your home. When used in the kitchen, it becomes a wonderful canvas for all the colorful dishes you create! 🍱🧑🏽‍🍳


Black is sophisticated, bold, and luxurious. ✨ Perfect to make any room stand out when used as an accent color.