There are so many options when it comes to real estate content, but the up and coming services that will surely dominate the industry are virtual tours and video walkthroughs. Many realtors are already using these services, but not all are using them to their fullest potential and those who aren’t using them are most likely unaware they are even an option. Here is some helpful information on virtual tours and video walkthroughs that will help you familiarize yourself and assist you in deciding what service is best for you!  

Virtual Tour

Matterport Camera Virtual 3d Tours

So what do they look like? Check out this 3D Virtual Tour of a home: CHECK THE TOUR

Dollhouse View of a 3d Tour by Matterport CHECK THE TOUR

Pressing play will take you to a 3D model referred to as a “dollhouse”, within the dollhouse it will have multiple points (white circles that show up on the floor) where the photographer has scanned a space. Any space that has been scanned can be viewed by your guests! On the bottom left hand corner there are icons that look like this:

Matterport Tour Icon

These icons will give you access to different views of the scan, you can pick what floor you would like to explore with the “floor selector”.

Clicking the “Floor Plan” Icon will show you a 3D Floor Plan of the space!

Ariel View of the Matterport Dollhouse

This service can be as interactive as you choose, you can have your guest explore the space themselves or create a guided tour where you choose their route. You can also provide what is called “Mattertags” where users can click on a surface/object and are presented with information about it. 

There is so much you can do with virtual 3D tours, not only is it highly interactive and customizable, it makes spaces accessible to all! Knowing this information, it would seem as if virtual tours are the way to go, but keep in mind, this service could be a bit too much for those who aren’t technologically savvy! 

For those that are interested in Virtual Tours check out this for more information on navigation.

Video Walk-Through

B3 Photographer capturing a walk-through of a home

First things first, a photo slideshow is not a video walkthrough!! Nothing wrong with slideshows but they won’t provide the same emotions you would get when watching a video walkthrough, you want to give potential buyers a reason to come to the open house. With that being said, a great video starts with a great videographer! It is important to hire a real estate videographer that has your best interest in mind. 

A real estate videographer’s main goal is to assist you in showcasing the home through video, so having a conversation with your videographer on certain details you’d like to highlight is very essential. Once you’ve had a chance to voice your requests, leave it to your videographer to do what they do best! 

This video was a part of B3 Productions Brilliant Package. This video included aerial, ground, detail, and evening scenes! Showing just enough to entice potential buyers for our client. Remember not all videos will be the same and require all that was included in this video. Each video should be catered to what your listing needs!

It is estimated that by 2022, videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer traffic! (Amara) So don’t get left behind! Eventually, photos will no longer be enough to stand out in this highly competitive market!