Today we are going to talk about why using a professional photographer/videographer for your listings is essential.  You see that picture above? Yes you do! What is it showing you? A cramped dingy bathroom with a mirror from the ceiling to the floor. Oh and the realtor smack dab front and center. Don't be this guy! It shows a potential client that you obviously don't care too much about the listing and are just ready to get things over with.

If you were looking for a home for yourself, you'd most likely skip over this property not only for the view but the lack of effort put into the photo. 

Your first showing is online, so we gotta make it look good.

Now let's get to the reasons why professional photography is always a must!

1. Price

We all want to get the asking price and if they want to sprinkle a little more on the top no ones going to say no. Quality photos bring a quality price! 

According to cbsnews :

Homes with high-quality photos receive 47% higher asking prices per square foot.

The quality and authenticity of the photos play a big part of getting higher paying buyers.

2. Traction

Like I said earlier, your online showing is your first showing. The better the photos, the more people will pay attention to your listing. It's kinda like when you go to a restaurant and see a picture of a steak that looks phenomenal. You’re more than likely going to take more time to see what all comes with it. 

Vivid images linger in the mind for several days and influence the decisions made by real estate buyers

Basic iphone photo- Quality color, but room looks small
Professional photo- Quality color, full length of the room, and higher definition of colors and light.

Which photo will bring in a higher paying client? First or second, we will let you decide.

3. Brand

It’s all about how you market yourself that prompts potential clients to choose you. What separates you from the rest? 

Along side your personality and knowledge about real estate and the market, you need to be able to show results.  If you can offer marketing tools including  professional photos, videos, drone, matterport, virtual staging from a professional media company that will definitely do it. Potential clients will see your efforts and want to work with you more and refer you to others bringing in more $$$, connections, and new happy homeowners.