Photographed: Mack Dihle

We collaborated with Women’s Sports Chicago to work on a beautiful project highlighting their organization. The entire experience was wonderful! To see women of all backgrounds coming together to provide a safe space for athletes to play in was absolutely inspiring. Many co-ed leagues leave women feeling unappreciated, overpowered, and unenthusiastic in the game. There are probably countless stories about women's experience playing with men. WSC’s main goal is for women to play their game without judgement. 

Photographed: Veronica McAllister

Founder Veronica McAllister created Womens Sports Chicago in effort to create a league where women could play at a competitive level outside of Co-ed leagues. This organization has built a space where women can be taken seriously and be given the respect, time, and resources to be great. 

Photographed: Dani Seitz & Arci Jimenez

During our time producing this project we met many great women who made this all possible. Every single person we met was unbelievably kind and supportive to us, the athletes, and staff. Even down to the facilities that the games were held at, everything was nice and high quality. I would recommend any women no matter your athletic background to join this amazing league. Not only do the women play together, they actually do things outside of the court and field. So you can play your game, make new friends, and create new memories.

They offer 2 leagues: 

Soccer & Basketball

Soccer Advance League
Basketball Advance League

A really cool thing that they offer is both intermediate and advanced level games. 


A league where anyone can play, even if you are not an experienced athlete. This is competitive but is more for fun and learning about the sport.


A league for experienced players where they can play at a more competitive level. (High school, College, Semi-Pro)

So no matter what level you are on, there is a space for you to have fun and play a really good game. 

There are not many leagues out there for women, let alone a league like Womens Sports Chicago. They offer the best of the best and want everyone to know that there is a space for you to have fun, play at a competitive level, and feel empowered.

To learn more about their league or to join, check out their Website and Instagram

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