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We take the health and safety of our clients and photographers seriously. Check out our Covid Guidelines bellow.
Covid Guidelines
Here is a checklist that will help with the preparation of  each property before the photographer arrives.

Remove trash cans or any debris
Take away any toys, bikes, and signsClear cars from driveway 
Make sure all grass is trimmed and leaves are swept away
Remove all for sale signs from the property

Open all blinds to draw in natural light
Make sure all lights are properly working 
Hide any dog/cat beds, toys, and bowls 
Feel free to leave all doors open to promote an open and inviting space
Make the beds and remove all distracting pillows /covers
Items that are not included for sale should be stored away

Remove all items from countertops and islands
Clear sink of any dishes
Hide or remove trash cans  
Clear all items from the refrigerator doors 

Hide any toothbrushes, personal items, and sanitary products from countertops and showers
Make sure that all toilet seats are down
Refrain from placing towels on sink countertops
As your professional photographer, we assume no liability to moving furniture. For the safety of our photographers and clients we will shoot all properties as is. If there are any items that need to be removed, please do so before the photographer arrives. If an item can not be removed, please let us know and confirm with our editorial team can virtually remove it from the photo. 
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