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Producing State-of-the-Art 3D Real Estate Tours with Matterport


Let your viewers and potential buyers enjoy a property virtual walk-through at the comfort of their homes with Matterport 3D real estate.  B3 Productions creates impressive 3D residential and commercial tours that can be viewed on any device. Our professional team surely helps you captivate buyers’ attention and makes them feel as if they are physically in the property.

3D photography is now one of the hottest technological advancements in the real estate world. As a realtor, you know how buying and selling is extremely time-consuming and stressful. Thus, Matterport real estate photography is the perfect solution to save both time and energy on viewings. 
Enhance your listings with a Virtual 3D dollhouse of a property. Potential owners can explore the layout of the home, commercial property, or business through just a click of a button.

Leading Virtual Tour Technology in
Indiana and Illinois

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How Matterport Revolutionizes the
Real Estate World

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Leading Virual Tour Technology in Indiana and Illinois

When it comes to indexing and capturing physical space, Matterport is a game changer. It is a three-dimensional camera system that makes realistic virtual experiences. Using it lets you have a digital twin of any property, be it residential or commercial enterprise.
Matterport camera simply scans a space at 360 degrees and then collects data that is used in creating a 3D display. You can upload all the information gathered to its cloud server, where the photos are organized and a 3D render of the property is made. Once done, you can view the tour instantly and share it to everyone online.

How Matterport Revolutionizes the Real Estate World

Do you ever imagine having a 24/7, stress-free open house? Fret not, you can now experience it through Matterport 3D real estate.  3D listing tools and virtual reality change the way real estate agents market their client’s properties. These technological advances let buyers have an in-person view of the property without having to visit the location physically. You can definitely have fun watching a virtual walk-through of your dream listing anytime, anywhere!

With Matterport, you can easily present a customized experience that fits various types of property. Whether you have a home or a commercial space to sell, Matterport for real estate is the perfect technology to add value to your listings. It boasts its 360-degree capability that allows viewers to look up and down as well as spin the virtual walk-through, so you can see everything that is in the property. 
Hence, increase your leads and sales with Matterport technology. At B3 Productions, we charge from $270 for 2000 sq. ft. property to $370 for 6000 sq. ft. In case you have a bigger space, we can have a custom video walk-through pricing. Reach out to us to experience a demo and feel the difference between 3D virtual tours and traditional photography.