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How can I cancel or reschedule my shoot?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your shoot through the booking confirmation email. There will be a “Change/Cancel Appointment” button located in the email.You can also call/text our number @ (872) 233-8387 or email us @ info@b3-productions.com. If it is a same day cancellation or reschedule there will be a $50 charge for the photographers time and travel.

The property is not finished/ ready?

We provide a checklist to ensure that there is a guide to make every property ready for our shoot. Here is the link below:

realtor's checklistbuilder's checklist

If the property requires more time to get ready, please contact us to push back the time or day. There is a 24 hour time frame where a shoot can be rescheduled at no cost. 

There has been an incident that has occurred making the shoot impossible to do.

We understand that things happen that are out of our control. Please contact us or the photographer as soon as possible to see when the most convenient time to reschedule the shoot is.


The weather is stating that it will be raining on the date of the shoot.

For photography we can always work around a rainy day. Our editors can make any day look sunny and bright. For drone and video shoots, we will have to reschedule for another time, please check weather ahead of time and plan accordingly or a rescheduling fee may apply. Due to aviation regulations, flying a drone in a storm, rain, or snow is prohibited.


Does someone need to be present at the property?

Unless it is a commercial video, no one is required to be present during a shoot. If a lockbox, garage, or code access is provided, the photographer will be able to shoot the property.

Will your photographers help move things to make the properties more presentable?

Our photographers will do their best to showcase your property in the best light. They may suggest certain things be moved or added however, they shoot all properties as is and will not be obligated to move furniture. 

Turnaround Time?

- All photos have a next day turnaround.
- Video walkthroughs have a  24-48 hour turnaround.
- Matterport / Floor Plans can not be next day turn around “Depending on sq. footage

Do you provide different size photos ?

We provide standard MLS Photo size for all photos, for higher resolution photos we do charge $5 per property.