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How can I cancel or reschedule my shoot?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your shoot through the booking confirmation email. There will be a “Change/Cancel Appointment” button located in the email.You can also call/text our number @ (708) 240-3085 or email us @ info@b3-productions.com. If it is a same day cancellation or reschedule there will be a $30 charge + Photographer mileage for the photographers time and travel.

The property is not finished/ ready?

We provide a checklist to ensure that there is a guide to make every property ready for our shoot. Here is the link below:

realtor's checklist

If the property requires more time to get ready, please contact us to push back the time or day. There is a 24 hour time frame where a shoot can be rescheduled at no cost.

There has been an incident that has occurred making the shoot impossible to do.

We understand that things happen that are out of our control. Please contact us or the photographer as soon as possible to see when the most convenient time to reschedule the shoot is.

Properties outside of range

Any property outside of our shooting radius will result in a travel fee and is dependent on the mileage distance. This is to cover the photographer's travel time and gas.

Turnaround Time

All photos have a next day turnaround?

Video Walkthroughs have a  24-48 hour turnaround.
Matterport / Floor plans have a next day turnaround.

Do you provide different size photos ?

We provide both standard MLS Photo and High Resolution Photos with no extra charge.

Same Day Turn-Around

Same day photo edits will be an extra $50. All same day requests need to be submitted to B3 upon booking before the scheduled shoot. Same day turn-around shoots are only available at 9am.  The maximum number of photos to be accepted for the same day turn around is (20-25 photos only).  Same day turnaround for both video & photos is $150 extra.


Photo Edits

Photoshop edits are case by case. Cords, small areas of grass, or small objects up to 2 can be edited for free.  Depending on the amount of time and the requests we will issue a custom quote. 
We are unable to fix any aspects that may misrepresent the true appearance of the property, following MLS regulations. 
If for portfolio purposes, we are able to fix any requests since this is not for selling the property. For any photoshop requests please email info@b3-productions.com

Video Edits

Video turnaround is 24-48 hours depending on demand. 
The process from start to finish is time consuming. We allow edit requests up to 24 hours of receipt of your video. For all edits please email info@b3-productions. All clients are allowed one edit request slot. Any additional edits after the 1st free is an additional cost. Clients must notify photographers of any requests for the video or any areas that should be excluded prior to the property being show

Weather Policy

Inclement weather is any precipitation in the air including the following: 

Rain, snow, sleet, hail, or heavy mists, extreme wind. (Cloudy skies are not considered inclement weather)I

f there is moderate to extreme inclement weather, we cannot shoot exterior photos, video, or drone footage. This will result in lower quality results in production of content. Moisture in the air reduces clarity of images which can result in distortion and blurriness. It is in the best interest & safety of our photographers to not have equipment outside in heavy mist and even light rain. 

Interior photos can still be captured, this weather makes for better results on interior. This is due to decreased sunlight which means less glares and more vivid colors of the interior. 

The inclement weather return fee is a base of $30 + photographers mileage. This covers the gas and time for the photographer's return. We charge this minimal amount out of courtesy to both our clients and photographers.

When do we charge an Inclement Weather Return Fee?

Full Shoots:
During inclement weather, we charge normal package pricing and schedule the $15 + photographers mileage return for the next available day for exterior shooting. 

If the client cancels the full shoot in less than 24 hours due to inclement weather, there will be a $30 late cancellation fee. 

If conditions are dangerous for our photographers to drive, we may contact clients to cancel the shoot to ensure everyone's safety. There will be no charge to clients under this condition.


Does someone need to be present at the property?

Unless it is a commercial video, no one is required to be present during a shoot. If a lockbox, garage, or code access is provided, the photographer will be able to shoot the property.

Will your photographers help move things to make the properties more presentable?

Our photographers will do their best to showcase your property in the best light. They may suggest certain things be moved or added however, they shoot all properties as is and will not be obligated to move furniture. 


We reshoot listings for a minimum of 8 photos for $70. If a room is changed or needs to be reshot, the reshoot fee will still be $70 for the photographer's time, travel, and our editors' labor. Reshoot fees will only be valid for 2 weeks after the shoot. If the reshoot is due to technical or photographer error, we will gladly reshoot free of charge. If you are not satisfied with the photos, you will have up to 2 weeks to notify us in order to request a reshoot. After the 2 week mark is over, all reshoots will be considered full price.


Most discounts are only valid for 1 use only. The only discounts that can be used multiple times are group associated discounts. For more information give us a call at (872-233-8387 or email at info@b3-productions.com.)