There are more than 2 million realtors in the United States, what content are you sharing to stand out from the crowd? It is well known that photos are an essential tool when it comes to marketing your listings, but you shouldn’t stop there. Considering how sporadic the market has been, it’s important to get the most out of each listing. Incorporating innovative and distinct forms of content can be more than enough to help you stand out and leave an everlasting impression! 

Here are 5 Forms Of Content For Real Estate Marketing :

1. HDR Photos

[HDR Photos] Dining Room
[HDR Photos] Bathtub
[HDR Photo] Bedroom

If you are only going to have one form of content, high quality photos are a must! Professional photos provide visuals that can help potential clients envision themselves in a space and are an easy way to promote your listing throughout all platforms. 

Learn more on professional photos from our blog 'WHY CHOOSE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY?'

2. Video Walk-Through

Videos bring your property to life. Invoking emotion and curiosity to potential buyers. Leave them with a memorable impression and an urge to come see more! 🤩

3. Drone



If you really want to impress your potential clients a great way to do so is with Drone content!  Remember you are not just selling a home, you are selling the neighborhood as well!  Drones are able to capture more in one photo than you would using ground photography.   


4. Matterport

Open houses can be very limited to those with disabilities, out of state buyers, and those with a busy schedule! Matterport 3D scans provide an interactive virtual tour that is accessible anytime and anywhere! Having a 3D virtual tour of your listing opens up your potential audience tremendously! 

5. Virtual Staging

Have an empty property? Limited staging budget? Need a better way for your clients to visualize a space? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Virtual Staging content is for you! Sit back and relax while our virtual designers take control and customize your rooms to your desired style. 


Simple professional content like we mentioned above, is all you need to take your social media presence from ordinary to classy. Upscale downtown condos, humble family homes, professional commercial spaces, no matter the property or location each listing can greatly benefit from content marketing.