Selling your home can be hard, especially if you're a first time seller. Even for some realtors it is hard to keep up with all the belongings a homeowner may have so we have created 7 tips to start off with! 

1. Open all blinds

Creating an open and bright space within a property is the number 1 rule to making potential buyers feel welcomed. They want to see those gorgeous views and what natural light can do. When blinds are closed, it makes the space feel cold and smaller. Also, it gives the idea that you're hiding something. It is quite understandable to shut the window if the view is bad, but try to deflect from that view to the actual space.

2. Clear all countertops

All countertops need to show as much space as possible. When you have a bunch of appliances, knick knacks, and decorative things, it makes the room seem cluttered and slightly smaller. When it comes to bathrooms, take off tissue boxes, tooth brushes, towels, and sanitary items. The room will feel more clean and easier for people to envision their belongings there. 

3. Remove overly distracting objects

Distracting are as follows:

  • Posters
  • Flags
  • Overly bright blankets
  • statues
  • and etc.

Anything that does not fit the aesthetic of the home should be removed. We understand that you may like it, but that doesnt mean the next person will. If it looks out of place, that'll be the first thing a person looks at in the home or in photos. Some people are picky and may not want a property due to a minor detail.

4. Make sure all lights are turned on and working


LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION! Lights are super essential to a home. If you have a beautiful chandelier and one of the bulbs is out, it kills the whole vibe. It is noticeable in photos as well, but if you have a great photographer you'll never even know it was out! For showings always check, someone will see lights out and may assume that there could be an electrical outage for that wire. 

5. Hide personal belongings


The whole reason behind staging is to have potential buyers try to envision what life could be like in this space. Seeing someone else's photos, belongings makes it a little too personal and in their mind they will be thinking this is their home not my new home. So hide family photos, extremely personal items, expensive purchases including clothing, jewelry, and electronics. This is also for the safety of your belongings as well. You never know who will be entering your home, so be careful!

6. Remove all animal cages, toys, bowls, and etc.

Animals are adorable and sweet but the thought of someone else's animals running around my new house is not a thing I want to see. Most people do not want to see a big dog crate in the living room. They will think, “Oh this house probably smells like a dog.” Now if you have a nice room with a built in layout for your pets, that is perfectly fine! But crates, bowls, and litter boxes are not a charming touch to a property but a message that animals do live here and there may be damage to certain areas. Animals are unpredictable and their little accidents can be too.

7. Hide children's toys


We all love kids, but when it comes to those legos, it's a NO for me! I understand that it may be hard to hide all 50 million action figures but make a way. Stuff the closets, get pretty bins, and hide them under the bed. Those toys may seem cute to you, but to others it seems like a big clutter. If you can't hide them, just keep it confined to a certain room rather than being all spread out throughout the home. 

We do have a super cool checklist that we curated just for you to get your property ready! Here is the link below: