Marketing is a crucial factor in the competitive industry of real estate. It is important to note that to stay atop in this business, you must provide clients with high-quality marketing materials, such as photos and videos, as well as valuable market information. There’s a crucial need to understand the latest technology and marketing trends to keep up with consumer demands. This is where digital marketing comes in.

However, digital marketing for real estate can be a little tricky, so you have to execute strategies effectively and properly. There are many ways to market your listings to clients, and each channel you use can boost your online presence to attract more potential buyers.

To get you started, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started  in digital marketing:

1. Create a Social Media Presence

In this day and age, social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools. You can turn to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to create your business profiles. Real estate professionals should not just sign up for social media, rather use it frequently and thoroughly. Undoubtedly, most people are using social media either for personal or business purposes. With this, it is extremely important that you maximize its use and take full advantage to promote your listings, build credibility as a realtor, and generate more leads. 

Additionally, post at least once and not more than three times everyday to grow your following. In case you have no idea what to post, ask your followers some questions to provoke engagement, share some real estate news, create helpful content, or upload new and current listings. 

2. Drive Engagement by Using Stellar Photos of Your Properties

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Successful real estate marketing is undoubtedly based on great photography. Poor quality images will definitely diminish interest in even the best properties out there. Thus, it is essential to have outstanding, high-quality real estate photography of your listings.  Even on social media, you can post as frequently as you can, but if you don’t partner it with high-quality visuals, then you cannot expect favorable engagement from your audience.

You may get a real estate photography service and hire a professional photographer from B3 Productions to help you capture the best features of your property.

3. Get into content marketing and start a blog

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Do you have a good way with written words? Then this trick can come in handy. Blogging also has a lot of perks to offer to realtors. Once you start your own blog, you can increase your visibility to search engines, create informative and useful content for social media, and establish yourself as an expert in this field. Just make sure to blog about helpful things about real estate in general, so that your readers may learn something from you.

4. Shoot Video Walkthroughs and Aerial Footages

One-third of all online activities is spent on video streaming, and it’s best to take advantage and build on this. 


You can never go wrong with a classic video walkthrough that consists of overall shots of the space and stunning detail shots. This, in turn, lets you showcase your property in the best possible way. More so, you can take your marketing strategy up a notch with drone videography. Aerial shots are a brilliant addition to any video walkthrough, as they capture the property from a different perspective and at the same time give potential buyers an idea of how the surrounding area and neighborhood looks like.


Adding videos on your site can make users stay longer, and it can also potentially drive more engagement on your social media accounts. Further, you can upload these videos on popular platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, where your audience spends a lot of time.


Check out our video marketing guide to get started.

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5. Be Creative with Virtual Staging/Update

Before Virtual Update
After Virtual Update

6. Promote your listings with 3D models

Adding 3D videos to your listing can also help generate more qualified leads. Check out the use of Matterport to get a virtual 3D doll house of your property and show it directly to your clients or link it on your website or social media accounts. It has a unique 3D capture process that lets you take unlimited snapshots from each angle of a property to create an immersive 3D walkthrough that impresses clients. 


Example of a Virtual 3D Tour: 

7. Ask or Testimonials and Reviews from Clients

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Testimonials and reviews are also an effective resource for realtors, especially if your clients love your work. Always ask your clients to write a review about you, so that other people can read it and might even get you as their realtor. It means the world to have your clients make a testimonial and endorse your services to others. Moreover, you may try to get a photo with them and add their testimonials on your website or social networks to create a strong and positive note about you.


Indeed, digital marketing for real estate takes a lot of hard work. Nevertheless, it gives every realtor an edge over others who are not using it. Simply follow these tips and tricks mentioned above to help you get started with promoting your listings effectively